Nukitashi: I’m a Celibate, Get Me Out of Here!

Visual Novel ·
Original title: 抜きゲーみたいな島に住んでる貧乳はどうすりゃいいですか?
Release date: To be announced

By Qruppo
This product is currently being translated.
Translation: 100%
Editing: 22%
QA: 0%
Progress notes:
Chinese translation complete.

Engine conversion almost complete (~95%)


Seiran Island is a paradise where the so-called "Perverted Sex Law" allows free-for-all debauchery and copulation among its residents. Junnosuke Tachibana, a proud virgin and dyed-in-the-wool purity advocate, transfers to Minotsuki Academy on the island. But the academy declares, without exception: "Abstinence is a violation of school regulations! It's also against the law! Violators will be apprehended immediately and subjected to fellatio and intercourse!" Will Junnosuke be able to escape the clutches of the evil disciplinary committee, known as the "SS"?!

Junnosuke will fight desperately alongside his companions to protect his virginity! The battle begins now!